Would you bet on Tom Brady in the Super Bowl?… Here’s why you need to look at Bitcoin right now!

Scott Debevic
7 min readSep 30, 2021

I remember half-time of Super Bowl LI where the New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons. Already several beers deep, I mentally congratulated myself for betting $200 on the Atlanta Falcons. I was already counting my winnings. After all, Matt Ryan and company were owning the Patriots with a 21–3 lead and they were playing at home.

Artistic image of Tom Brady.
“Posterization of Tom Brady” from publicdomainpictures.net

Always an avid Lady Gaga fan, I happily watched the midgame performance and wondered if maybe I shouldn’t put a second-half bet on New England to act as a hedge. New England had just blown a 1st and goal opportunity going into the half only taking away 3 points from a Steven Gostkowski field goal. I couldn’t pull the trigger on placing a hedge.

Then it happened. Bellicheck must have said something in the locker room. Maybe New England docs pumped their team full of Red Bull. Or perhaps, Giselle sent Tom Brady a motivating text (imagine :). The second-half and overtime win was the most amazing comeback that I have ever witnessed. After that performance, I was sold that Brady is the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Losing the $200 was painful, but it paid for important lessons: 1) Don’t count your money until the game is over 2) Bet on winners 3) Sometimes hedging your bets makes sense.

Super Bowl LI earned Brady his fifth Super Bowl ring. His victory last season in Tampa Bay was his seventh and he currently has more Super Bowl rings than any other player in NFL history (by a margin of 2). Tom Brady is the king of the fourth quarter. Guess what else has a penchant for outperforming in the 4th quarter?

Bitcoin’s 4th Quarter History

Like Tom Brady, Bitcoin has a history of winning. And like the GOAT, you can never count Bitcoin out. September has been rough. This was expected. October may be rough too. But just like betting on Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, I am optimistic about what Q4 will bring.

Let’s discuss a few of the catalysts that can boost Bitcoin and give it some of that Brady Q4 mojo!

Potential Catalyst #1
Institutional Investment

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