Will ZYB Price Keep Flying on the Back of 2 Major Announcements?

After hitting a recent low of $2.50, the ZYB token has shot up to the $7 range. What has catalyzed this movement, and should you expect more bullishness?

Scott Debevic
5 min readMar 18


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It’s hard to believe I’ve been invested in and writing about Zyberswap for less than two months. I’ve seen the price go from $0.20 to $23 and then travel back to $2.50. The volatility is not for the faint of heart. However, I have remained steadfast in my conviction and added to my position at under $6.

Why did I add at sub-$6 prices? In less than two months, let’s look at what the team has accomplished: The Zyberswap platform has over 22,000 users who have swapped nearly $1 billion worth of trading volume. Trading for BTC and ETH on Zyberswap V3 offers lower slippage and better rates than all Arbitrum dex competitors, including Uniswap. In addition, over 11,000 token holders have embraced the story that a fair launch community-driven project can thrive in a crypto environment where most gains go to VCs, greedy teams, and presale investors. I should also list other things, including the generous staking and farming rewards, the team’s accountability and commitment, and the numerous partnerships Zyberswap continues creating.

However, two major Zyberswap announcements occurred this week, making me wish I had doubled down at the recent $2.50 lows. Almost immediately after these announcements, the ZYB price shot higher as investors realized Zyberswap is the premier Arbitrum-exclusive index.

So, let me share what these announcements are, why they are so impactful, and how they can advance ZYB to the fair valuation it deserves.

Announcement #1: 100% of Arbitrum $ARB airdrops are going to investors

The Arbitrum governance token airdrop will probably be the biggest airdrop of 2023. Investors and developers on Arbitrum already know it’s the best chain, offering fast, cheap transactions and a variety of cutting-edge innovative decentralized applications.

With the launch and airdrop of the $ARB token, it will cause a migration of even more DeFi users to see what all the…



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