Will Ethereum Trade Above or Below 0.0750 Bitcoin 2 Weeks After the Merge?

The Ethereum Merge has been successful thus far. Do you think this will help ETH gain value over BTC or fall? Here's how you can earn money from your prediction.

Scott Debevic
6 min readSep 16, 2022


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I've always curiously looked at the high roller room in the Vegas casino. It reminds me of the old video stores I frequented as a kid. They had the swinging doors like an old west saloon and housed adult films with risque covers too suggestive for virgin eyes like mine.

I can't stomach betting hundreds of dollars per hand in blackjack or another game of luck. I'm the type who will grind away and methodically lose my money in smaller increments over a more extended period. I relegate myself to the pits where I can wallow in misery with my fellow blue-collar comrades.

I see popular leverage and option trading platforms similar to the high-stakes rooms in Vegas. I stay out. I've passed the figurative swinging doors several times and quickly turned around after realizing it's not for me.

But, sometimes, I still itch for the action and like to have a wager working. What fun is watching a sporting event if you don't have anything to win or lose on it? Am I right? While you may not agree, the fantasy sports and sports betting industry shows plenty of people do agree.

With Exoticmarkets.xyz, you now have the opportunity to predict anything as long as it's verifiable from a reputable source online.

What is Exoticmarkets.xyz?

I recently wrote about this platform, but if you aren't one of the eight people who read that story, here's a quick summary of how Exoticmarkets.xyz works. Exoticmarkets.xyz exists on the Optimism Layer 2 chain. Users can make predictions on anything that isn't gameable and verifiable from a reputable online source.

Are you interested in predicting political races, sports, finance, movie sales, song rankings, or nearly anything else? Then Exoticmarkets.xyz is the platform. On the site, you have two options: 1) you can create the prediction market and wager 2) you can place a wager on existing markets others have created.



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