Why This Is the Last Article You Need to Read About Drip

During the bear market, investors' conviction in Drip is increasing. Here's why a small investment may pay enormous dividends in the future.

Scott Debevic
8 min readSep 7, 2022


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I see countless stories sharing the secrets about how easy it is to make $6,000 per month, $38,000 per month, or $500 in 5 hours from my computer. But, the truth is that most of these stories require a lot of hard work, talent, and/or luck. Perhaps, I fell in the third category of luck with my initial investment in Drip. But, as any astute poker player would say, "I will take luck over skill any day."

Luck got me into Drip. Now, in a bear market, I realize that Drip is the best investment opportunity for someone looking to take a limited risk and earn asymmetrical gains.

The supposedly "safe" options on Voyager and Celsius failed us. The metaverse and gaming plays are down 80–99% from all-time highs. Rugpulls and exploits have ruined multiple DeFi projects and we are now in the bear market, where the winners and losers get separated.

Looking back at all of my crypto, NFT, and DeFi investments, the best investment I made was the one I was the most skeptical about when I first made it. And, if you aren't in Drip yet, I'm certain you are unsure about it.

Why I was, and you should be skeptical about Drip

When you purchase Drip and deposit it into the Drip Faucet, you receive a 1% daily payout in Drip. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that this isn't sustainable. After all, my bank pays me 1% per year. So how can a DeFi application pay me 1% per day?

The answer is through incredible growth. So how did Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos eclipse the wealth of generations of “old money” and investment gurus? The answer is they own a significant stake in their company stock that experienced incredible growth.

The critical difference between Drip and these stocks is that nearly all of the wealth in the stock market goes to corporate insiders, venture capitalists, and founders with massive market share. In contrast, Drip rewards everyone in the system.



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