What Made This Altcoin Double Its Market Cap In The Past Two Weeks?

Sometimes a narrative fits together like a well-sculpted jigsaw puzzle. Find out why you are still early to hear about Houdiniswap.

Scott Debevic
5 min readMay 30


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I’ve probably spent too much of my life at the poker table. If you’ve played Texas Hold ’Em enough, you probably have seen a fair share of hands where someone can only draw one card on the river (the last card turned over), and somehow it appears. The river card completes their hand, gives them the nuts (highest possible hand), and they sweep the pot.

Hitting the river is one of the best feelings I’ve experienced in gambling. And this rush is probably why I enjoy playing poker so much. Today, I’m following up on a project that I believe is just hitting its river card. The preparation has been there, and now investors are beginning to recognize how the Houdiniswap ($POOF) platform continues to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in a bear market.

But what is making POOF outperform thousands of other digital assets? And can we expect this performance to continue? So let’s take a minute and explore what has been happening.

What is Houdiniswap?

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Houdiniswap.com is a platform allowing people to trade and send various digital assets multichain anonymously. For example, if I have Ethereum on Arbitrum and want to donate it to USDC on Ethereum, I can use Houdiniswap.com, and the transaction will not be tracked to my Arbitrum wallet.

There are multiple use cases for Houdiniswap. I encourage you to read this article, Why I’m Buying This $1 Crypto for $0.12 to learn more about how the platform functions and its utility applies to everyone in crypto.

My favorite use case is the security it affords users if they want to move their valuable crypto assets to a wallet that remains anonymous. This can give wealthy investors and big traders extra confidence that every person with a blockchain explorer can see their entire wallet transaction history and holdings at any moment.



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