This Art Platform Is Set To Revolutionize The Art World

WeMintArt is bridging the physical and digital art worlds. Find out how to get in on the ground floor for just 0.03 ETH.

Scott Debevic
7 min readSep 29, 2023

Last year, I got an Apple credit card to earn cashback on my Apple store payments. Within six months, my Apple card has become my primary credit card, absorbing at least 90% of my spending.

Apple didn’t invent anything new. Instead, they innovated an existing financial product by combining their unique digital thinking and the traditional credit card business. WeMintArt is about to do the same thing Apple has done by combining the physical and digital art worlds.

What is

WeMintArt is a new platform that exhibits, celebrates and sells both physical and digital art. Most importantly, it provides (digital and physical) art collectors with a convenient, affordable, and simple way to discover new artists and collect their art.

Historically, when you bought traditional art, you bought a physical piece you could hang in your home, office, or gallery. Then the blockchain gave birth to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), giving artists a new playground, giving them opportunities in digital identity, community building and offering new pieces for collectors and allowing them to buy and sell seamlessly.

WeMintArt takes the best part of both worlds and offers value in both.

When minting a piece on the WeMintArt exhibitions, in addition to an NFT you have the privilege to receive a physical art piece to display on your wall. You can simply connect your wallet holding these NFTs and choose to claim your physical items whenever you please. To put it very simply, you mint a digital piece and get a physical piece that matches.

A “Phygital” Future

Typically, NFT projects go around the houses trying to invent unique utilities for their collections. It’s refreshing to see WeMintArt develop such a simple but empowering utility — owning artwork both physically and digitally at the same time.

I recently bought several NFTs from an artist I like. My wife also thought they were cool but didn’t see the value in buying them as NFTs, she’d rather have something tangible to show for her purchase. So being the good husband I am, I bought her two T-shirts with some artwork of the pieces she liked. She loves them, wears them all the time, and always gets compliments. I’ll remind her that when she shrinks them in the wash, my pieces are safe and sound on the blockchain. My point is this — there’s a place for digital and physical art to work together and WeMintArt does exactly that.

Phygital cravings from consumers haven’t gone unnoticed. WeMintArt seems to be on the same page as some big players. Recently, Amazon announced that they would be getting into the NFT space. Check out what they said:

Excerpt from

If one of the biggest companies on earth can see that people want digital and physical, it only strengthens WeMintArt’s mission to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds.

Excerpt from brings new features and convenience. Understand the value of your art.

We’d be kidding ourselves if the value isn’t an important part of any art space. For collectors, the NFT minted will give them access to insightful metadata like sales history, prior ownership and rarity of their piece regarding the collection it’s in. Physical art collectors don’t need to travel or worry about buying unoriginal work. Appraising art will become easier as everything is on the blockchain.

Once you mint an NFT that has a physical item tied to it, the choice is yours when to claim it. This is where things could get interesting. A tactic I have already considered myself is to leave some NFTs unclaimed. If the artists’ stock goes up, so will any unclaimed NFTs from their collections. Though diamond handing has never been my strong suit, there could be serious value in holding on to unclaimed NFTs years down the line.

WeMintArt only wants to collaborate with artists who share their values to provide unique opportunities for collectors. They will help artists to navigate the powers of web3 and look to continue creating art in both the physical and digital realms. For these artists, WeMintArt provides a platform to showcase their work, reach a worldwide audience, and an opportunity to earn fair royalties on future sales of their art. A nice touch considering how long traditional artists have been ‘royally’ screwed — excuse the pun.

Early adopters get a chance to win big.

WeMintArt is giving collectors even more reason to participate by offering them the chance to win Large Format artwork. For the first exhibition, everyone receives an original, but there will be 4 Lucky collectors that will win a Large Format piece. Check out the details of this exhibition below.

Phase 1 (Faces) A 400-item collection of original individually hand-painted faces. 396 minters will receive a Small Format original 11"x14" on paper of a unique 1/1 face. 4 lucky minters receive a Large Format 36"x36" physical version of their piece. Those who mint from phase 1 will automatically be whitelisted for Larry’s second phase, the Bulls collection.

400 unique Faces by LarryDidItt

Phase 2 (Bulls), minters will mint either a blue or red bull (18"x24") print edition. There is also the opportunity to win 1 original red & 1 original blue bull (36”x48”) on canvas. In a fun twist, only one color will progress to the whitelist for the final phase. Those with the correct color from the Bulls collection will get the first opportunity to purchase from the much more limited Landlord collection.

Red & Blue Bull by LarryDidItt (36”x48”)

Phase 3 (Landlord) is limited to only 50 lucky minters. 49 of which will receive a 24"x30" print edition and 1 will win an original Landlord, a massive 48"x60" canvas that has been gallery appraised for $8000!

LarryDidItt with one of his 48x60" Landlords

Professional Art from Professional Artists

The first 3 exhibitions/mints will feature original art from Larrydiditt, Rob Hill, and Ricky Heeraman. Larrydiditt is a Laguna Beach native who transitioned from a full-time athlete to a contemporary artist ten years ago. He feels his addictive passion for mastering every detail of his creations contributed to his success. You can see more about Larry by visiting his Instagram:

Rob Hill is a geometric abstract painter based out of Los Angeles, Denver, and NYC. Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian design and mid-century abstraction, Rob views his main theme as unity through diversity, represented by an intersection of line, texture, angle, and color. Make sure to check out his Instagram:, to explore more of Rob’s work.

Ricky “Rico” Heeraman grew up in Bronx, NY the mecca of graffiti culture. His self-taught style and creative passion have led him to create multiple murals in New York and New Jersey restaurants. Additionally, Ricky has collaborated with prestigious pop culture brands and participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country. Be sure to check out his Instagram:

Mark October on your calendar!

The first ever WeMintArt exhibition is on October 5th, 2023 (Pre-Sale) and October 6th, 2023 (Public Sale) To attract new users and reward early adopters, this limited 400-edition mint will only be .03ETH for Pre-Sale and .06ETH for Public Sale. To gain access to private sale please join our Whitelist here:

This is an amazing opportunity to get beautiful digital and physical artwork. By being on the ground floor, you can watch as the WeMintArt platform grows, adds new artists, and creates a secondary marketplace. With the number of surprises hidden in the mints, I’m sure the WeMintArt team has a few tricks up their sleeves for early collectors.

Key Takeaways

Let me reiterate some of the things WeMintArt is doing to bridge the gap between the traditional physical and digital art space:

  • It allows physical and digital art collectors to join a virtual community and interact with their favorite artists via NFTs.
  • They empower artists by giving them a full creative license and proper compensation.
  • WeMintArt introduces massive innovation for verifying, appraising, and tracking physical art sales.
  • They are bringing fun and gamification to the physical art space and a tangible product to the digital art space.

I’m excited to explore the world of phygital art with WeMintArt and Larrydiditt’s genesis mint! I encourage you to check out more details about their website at and join their socials here

I have been sponsored to write this article. I will use 100% of my compensation to purchase pieces from Larrydiditt’s premier exhibition, as I strongly believe in this project and what it represents.



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