The Secrets Why ZYB Can Continue Electrifying- Part 3 of 3

We’ve gone into depth about how Zyberswap is designing a quality product built by a knowledgeable team. We discussed how Zyberswap has an aligned and motivated community. Now, let’s examine the third secret about why ZYB is erupting.

Scott Debevic
7 min readFeb 11


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Imagine you are opening a new restaurant. It will be a gastropub concept, and you will feature craft beers, overpriced exotic drinks, and markup your appetizers like crazy. The first thing you have to decide on is the location. This can make dramatically impact your restaurant's failure or success.

You’ve narrowed it down to two locations. Location 1 is on the nice side of town in a shopping mall. The residents are affluent, well-mannered, and a bit entitled. Option 2 is in a failing mall. It used to be the hot spot, but now it’s a bit run down. There is a much greater population than in location 1. However, more people are moving out of the area than moving in.

Location 2 has more down-to-earth customers. They tend to drink a lot, which should help sales and traffic. But they can also be unruly. Location 2 will attract inferior employees since no one wants to work at the failing mall.

Both locations have the same rent. Which do you choose?

I’m going to assume most people reading this would choose location 1. This should be an easy decision. More money in the area means more people can spend on gastropub meals. You can attract more talented employees and have a lower turnover. And you are paying the same rent, so you’d have to be stupid to choose location 2.

By choosing to become the top dex in the Arbitrum ecosystem, Zyberswap has chosen location 1. Arbitrum is growing like crazy and is attracting deep-pocketed investors. It’s getting the positive hype and has already eclipsed competitors in the year it’s been around.

This was the easy decision for the Zyberswap team. The more challenging decision is how do you get started and build a sustainable dex with no investor funds for liquidity, marketing, and paying their salaries? The answer is tokenomics. And this is the third secret to why ZYB…



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