The Digital Collector: Is a Recur Pass worth a $560 investment?

Scott Debevic
9 min readMar 3, 2022
Image of the Recur Portal Pass.
Image of the Recur Portal Pass from Recur

Before Google came along and monopolized the internet search business, multiple competitors existed in the space. I remember names like Altavista, Earthlink, Prodigy, Yahoo, America Online,, and several others whose names I can’t remember trying to build out ecosystems and capture an audience to their networks. And, while Google wasn’t the first to market in search, it found its way to the top quickly and has only grown stronger since its inception.

I often wonder how the NFT space will evolve in the future. I’m convinced that NFTs' roles in the Digital Age will only increase as more people realize that our lives are becoming more entwined with the internet and the blur between our digital and physical lives becomes even harder to separate.

I became an NFT collector in December. After finding the Veve app, I finally discovered an NFT opportunity that made sense to me. By having licensed offerings, I was able to connect with the collectibles differently than just equating them to their monetary valuation. And I’ve seen how my young children are more drawn to these recognizable pieces than traditional jpg NFTs.

Veve has established that a huge market exists for intellectual property from established brands that have a place in the blockchain and can bring in a massive amount of people all over the world into the digital collectible space. Yes, some are on Veve chasing monetary gains, but I think more people see value in owning the first Spider-Man, Batman, or Mickey Mouse on the blockchain rather than trying to find the latest cash grab project and hoping that it pumps on Ethereum or Solana.

Naturally, after seeing the success of Veve, others will try to get a piece of the pie and establish their market in this vast space. After all, Veve has 1.5 million people using their app and there are nearly 8 billion people on earth. That leaves a whole lot of space for market share to increase. And, as NFTs progress and gain utility and popularity, there is room for multiple competitors in the licensed NFT market.

One competitor who is coming out with their guns blazing is Recur. Recur is an NFT/Metaverse project that has tremendous backing, a unique value proposition, and is taking both a similar and different…

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