The Digital Collector: 10 Undeniable Reasons Digital Collectibles Will Overtake Analog Collectibles

Scott Debevic
5 min readJan 26, 2022
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Growing up, I heard countless sob stories from many of my friends' dads lamenting how their mom threw away their baseball cards or how they would put the cards in the spokes of their bikes to make a clicking noise. I remember sitting down on and creasing my Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card and feeling heartache in my six-year-old chest for harming my most valuable piece.

As the digital space gains steam big brands, organizations, and creative minds are delivering higher-quality digital offerings. I am confident we will see digital collectibles overtaking their physical counterparts just as we have witnessed Netflix and other streaming services destroy the physical movie market. And just like people today are consuming more content because of streaming services, I believe consumers will be purchasing more digital collectibles for a multitude of reasons.

Below I highlight the top 10 reasons digital collectibles will take over and command more attention, value, and market share.

  1. Our lives are becoming more digital. We are in the digital age. When is the last time you read a physical newspaper? Would you rather lose your wallet or your smartphone? If you added all of your streaming, cable, phone, and internet bills or your car payment, which is higher?
  2. Digital identities are increasingly important. We can individualize our physical selves by our clothes, jewelry, accessories, cars we drive, haircuts. This elicits positive feelings and attracts others to us. If it didn’t, people wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on items that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. As we continue establishing and valuing our digital identity, we want to be unique, we want to share our story, and we want to attract like-minded individuals. Digital collectibles will be a part of our story and allow us to define and share who we are.
  3. Sustainability. As our population closes in on the 8 billion mark, the memo has been read that our earth can’t sustain the way we have treated it. Digital collectibles can be made with a carbon-neutral footprint and can travel around the globe in seconds. Physical collectibles require physical resources and need to be transported in the physical world…
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