The DeFi Chronicle- How you can win a Tesla by holding a crypto token for one month…But wait, there’s more!

Scott Debevic
6 min readApr 28, 2022
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Susan Powter, Richard Simmons, Ron Popeil, Billy Mays, Anthony “Sully” Sullivan…All these names need to be featured in an infomercial hall of fame. Sometimes I wonder if I was the only 11-year-old boy asking for a food dehydrator for his birthday. I occasionally pull my hair and scream, “Stop the insanity!” at the top of my lungs to an imaginary studio audience. And I get nostalgic and teary-eyed thinking back to Ronco CEO and marketing and inventing genius Ron Popeil sharing how I could make chocolate pasta right in my own house. Chocolate pasta!

Growing up without unlimited television options, I may have watched a few too many infomercials. But subconsciously, I learned a lot. Everyone wants a deal; people buy off of emotion, speaking loudly makes your words sound like they are more critical, and never overestimate how stupid your audience may be. Seeing some of today’s crypto projects reminds me of these televised pitches looking to solve some of my life’s biggest problems- how to eliminate stains, wash my car, eat delicious food at home, and have a fishing rod right in my pocket!

I didn’t have a credit card back then, so I could try to re-pitch my parents. But, of course, they didn’t have it. I didn’t have the charisma, rhetoric, or rock-solid scripting these marketing geniuses eloquently delivered. Things have changed. My pitch skills have improved, and here I am sharing an opportunity for you to win a brand new Tesla Model S or 90,000 USD in the SAFUU token.

Inspired by the project's creativity and its marketing, I felt compelled to both invest and share a little about SAFUU.

What is SAFUU?

Other than being an awkward-sounding acronym standing for sustainable asset fund for universal users, the SAFUU project lives on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s a reflection token paying a dramatic 382,945.41% APY in its first year (I believe we are in month two right now), rebasing every 15 minutes (96 times per day). In addition, there are taxes for buying (14%)and selling (16%) the SAFUU token. I encourage you to check out the whitepaper ( to read how the taxes are distributed and better understand how…

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