The DeFi Chronicle: Earn 1% Per Day and Monthly Airdrops!

Scott Debevic
4 min readOct 1, 2021

We just started the Scott D Drip team a couple of months ago and the results have been astounding!! Now, you have an opportunity to earn 1% per day in Drip Rewards and get monthly airdrops!

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In the past 2 months, the Scott D Drip Team has airdropped 170 Drip to direct team members just for being a part of the team and helping the team grow! In October, we have a goal of airdropping 150 more Drip!

What the heck is Drip?

If you aren’t familiar with Drip, here’s a quick overview. Drip is a certificate of deposit on the Binance Smart Chain. When investors purchase Drip (on they can deposit their Drip tokens into the Faucet.

When the investor deposits the Drip into the Faucet, 10% of their Drip is taxed and removed. As an example, I purchase 100 Drip. I deposit the Drip into the Faucet and now I have 90 Drip in the Faucet. Moving forward, I will receive 1% of my deposited Drip up to 365% of my total deposits.

This means that if I claimed my 1% per day based upon my original 90 Drip deposited (after 10% tax), I would be rewarded with 328.50 Drip if I claimed the 1% daily. There is a 10% tax on claims, so it would equate to 295.65 Drip after the tax.

But it gets better!!

Investors have the option of hydrating (compounding) their Drip rewards. Hydrations only charge a 5% tax. If I deposited 90 Drip ($1450 investment at the time of writing) and hydrated once per day, at the end of one year, I would have 2838 Drip in my Faucet. This is the magic of compounding. I can then claim 28.38 ($411.51 at time of writing) Drip daily until I hit my max payout (365% of all deposits and hydrations).

Keep in mind, that if I hydrate every day, I am not withdrawing any of my rewards and haven’t sold any Drip. There are no rules on how often you can claim or hydrate so it’s completely up to you!!

The price of Drip can and does move rapidly. In September we saw the price of Drip move down dramatically and then it doubled in just a couple of days!

The Tokenomics of Drip makes it more enticing for players to hydrate and purchase more Drip when the price goes down.

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