The Binance Smart Chain Crown Jewel to Compete With GMX- Part I

Binance Smart Chain gains a contender for derivatives traders. Can this platform displace some of GMX's market dominance?

Scott Debevic
5 min readMar 16


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Eric Swordsen lived up the street from me growing up. Eric and a group of my friends frequently hung out at his house during middle school. His parents were rarely home. He had a huge yard and a pool. Also, he had snacks and sodas. Summer was the best. We'd blast Rush, or Pink Floyd played Risk and chased each other with a machete Eric's parents bought him in Tijuana.

In high school, I drifted apart from Eric and that group of friends. I pursued the partying mentality, and they joined cross country. There was no way in hell I would run more than I was forced to in PE.

But Eric was one of those guys you knew was smarter than everyone else. He never seemed to try in school, yet he was among the brightest students. Even in Middle School, Eric understood concepts and ideas that seemed extremely advanced. And mathematics came second nature to him.

Sometimes, when researching new crypto projects, I think of Eric Swordsen. Guys like him are developing, programming, and thinking up these decentralized platforms. And I'm just the guy struggling his hardest to understand how the damn things work.

Today, I will share a project that makes me dizzy after reading the whitepaper and getting translations from some Discord heroes. I'm still unsure if I fully comprehend it, but I invested in it anyways. So far, this is the strongest competitor I have seen to the Arbitrum behemoth, GMX.

The platform on the Binance Smart Chain is called Level $LVL, which is the easiest thing to understand about the project. I'm breaking this one up into two parts. In this article, I'll share my investment thesis for Level, and then in part II, I will do my best to explain how the platform works and how I am investing in it.

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