Six Flavors of Crypto Influencers

Scott Debevic
5 min readSep 29, 2021

I have gotten a lot of information and education from crypto influencers over the past year+. Some of the picks have wound up paying handsome rewards and others have fallen flat. Regardless, I’ve noticed that many of these influencers share certain characteristics. In this article, I highlight some of the character traits that many crypto influencers fall under.

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This article is strictly for entertainment. The names are made up. I do follow several influencers on YouTube. They are all men so I’m trying to be honest and not sexist. It’s challenging creating unique content every day and I appreciate all they do to inform myself and the public about the crypto opportunity.

Influencer #1- Gary Shillenbocker

Gary is great because you know what to expect. He’s consistent and repeatedly talks about the coins in his bag. A good shill is going to have valid arguments and reasoning on why his/her choices make a lot of sense. Oftentimes, they will tie in technical analysis to strengthen their credibility.

When listening to the Gary Shillenbocker flavor, I pay attention to whether they own the bags that they are shilling. Many times, Shillenbockers need to create content and will fill the space with coins that they don’t own. I typically ignore cryptos that said influencer doesn’t own because it reflects low conviction.

A good influencer will disclose if they own the crypto assets that they discuss. Gary Shillenbocker talks about the same cryptos over and over which is ok because sometimes it's good to get a refresher on why to own a coin or look at a project. I also love the confirmation when Gary Shillenbocker discusses a coin that I already own.

Influencer #2- Preston Moonboy

Preston is typically a fun personality to listen to. This influencer offers predictions that even you find hard to believe. Sometimes he is right! Other times, Preston Moonboy gets it wrong, but there is usually some reason that things didn’t play out according to his plan.

When listening to a Preston Moonboy flavor, it’s important to not get carried away. Moonboy makes valid and emotional arguments and can easily lead to listener FOMO. If the market is dumping, a good Preston Moonboy will soothe your nerves and help put your…

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