Little Known Secret About What is Happening in Crypto Right Now!

Sometimes, the slightest edge makes the difference between minor and enormous successes. Learn about this secret to better position your crypto portfolio for potential future gains.

Scott Debevic
8 min readAug 7, 2022


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Less than one second separates the top three record-holders for the fastest mile running time, and the top twenty fastest times are within five seconds of each other! If you have watched professional sports, think of how many times one inch makes the difference in football, one free throw decides a basketball game, or one pitch can decide an entire baseball world series.

Investing is no different. Having the slightest advantage in knowledge and foresight makes an incredible difference. I mean, look at Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul. The octogenarian has been one of the best “stock pickers” of the past five years.

Regarding crypto, it’s simple to throw everything into baskets. First, we’ve got Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are crypto’s Coke and Pepsi, Apple and Microsoft, or Laverne and Shirley. Then we’ve got a bunch of competing smart contract platforms trying to do what Ethereum does cheaper and faster. Then there are meme coins that get pumped by narcissistic billionaires.

And finally, the altcoin category is like a cruise ship filled with teenage passengers going to Mexico for three nights. Everyone wants to get drunk, get laid, and have fun.

But maybe it’s time we start getting more granular? Perhaps we can separate winners from losers now that there are use cases? I mean, it’s easy to say that Bored Ape Yacht Club is the standard in the NFT world. But what if we could have forecasted their success back when selling for $350 or $1000? What kind of impact could that make on our overall returns?

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