Is This The Smartest Way To Make Money?

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Before reading any further, realize that this article is all about you. My story doesn’t matter, but you should ask yourself before you read any further, “What’s in it for me?” The opportunity you are reading about here exists for you and the decision to read any further is completely yours. Thousands of people who have embraced Drip and taken the risk of investing have made life-changing money in less than 1 year.

If you aren’t familiar with Drip, I encourage you to read more about it here and then come back to this article.

When I started in Drip mid-2021, I had no idea how important the team I joined was. As I learned more about Drip, I quickly realized how impactful a team’s role plays. On the original team I created, the Scott D Drip Team, I was committed to distributing 50% of my rewards for the first 3 months and I gave a generous airdrop to new members. In total, my Scott D Drip Team Wallet has distributed over 636 Drip to direct members.

Just how much is 636 Drip? At today’s valuation of $140, this equates to $89,040 worth of Drip. More importantly, these Drip went directly into the team member’s Drip Faucets. This means that over 1 year (without compounding) it equates to 2,321 Drip that Directs can claim. Let’s assume that the Drip price doesn’t continue its outstanding assent and remains at a static $140 and that team members do not hydrate and only claim from the airdrop rewards. This equates to $324,940 worth of Drip just for joining the right team!

For most team members this equates to a lot more than 1 airdrop rebate on their first deposit. In December, I began a new experiment and a new team called Drip Team 100. Drip Team 100 will distribute 100% of team rewards to direct members. Read about the details of Drip Team 100 here in the original article from December.

If you are smart and are thinking of joining Drip, here’s why you need to take a closer look at Drip Team 100.

February is the first time Drip Team 100 will be claiming and airdropping rewards to direct members. At the current run rate, we will be distributing $3,000 worth of Drip at the beginning of March. 37 original members will take part in sharing these airdrops.

What’s crazy is that this is going to be the smallest Drip airdrop Team 100 ever does. As the Team Wallet grows from hydrations, new member referrals, and round-robin rewards the airdrops will grow exponentially. In the past month, we have grown the rank to 54 direct team members!

With each new addition, the Team 100 Wallet grows fatter and the rewards keep increasing. If you are thinking of investing in Drip, it pays to think big. I try not to be a moon boy guilty of overpromising and under-delivering, but at this point, I feel that I may have undersold the opportunity Drip offers speculative investors.

If Drip Team 100 adds no more directs in the next year, gets no round robins, and just continues hydrating every other month, the Team 100 Wallet will have 586 Drip. In a 30 day claim month, this equates to 175 Drip being distributed to 57 members. If Drip stays the same price ($140), this equates to nearly $8,000 worth of Drip airdropped to directs every other month!

But I expect Team 100 to grow vastly over the remainder of the year. All of the heavy lifting has been done! We have already achieved success and now it’s only a matter of time before astute, forward-thinking investors join the best Drip team possible. Look around and try to find another team that distributes 100% of its wallets rewards. Or you can save yourself some time and realize it doesn’t exist.

3 Reasons to consider Drip Team 100

  1. Drip airdropped to your wallet every other month. All you have to do is make sure you have a minimum of $500 in Drip deposits at the end of the claim month and you will qualify for airdrops.
  2. No team-building required! You can join Drip Team 100 and build out a team, but it’s not required. That means you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in BR34P and hope your referrals get your money back. If you are too busy to build a team or don’t feel comfortable recruiting others, you have a proven team builder (myself) working on your behalf!
  3. When I first wrote about Drip, I referred to it as a lottery ticket. It has proven to be a winning lottery ticket for thousands of people. If you are on Medium, you have most likely read about Drip ad nauseum. Now is your chance to leverage an established team working for you! If you are already in Drip, you are welcome to start a new wallet and join Drip Team 100.

Key Takeaways

Drip is growing faster than anyone could have guessed or anticipated. Many call it a scam, a pyramid, a Ponzi. Bitcoin has been labeled the same way for over a decade. Meanwhile, nearly anyone who has held Bitcoin for over a year has made money.

The team you join in Drip can make a big difference in how big your Faucet gets. If the team is distributing 100% of its referrals/rewards/hydrations, why consider joining another team?

Team 100 gives you control of how you want to play Drip. You can build a team, hydrate your wallet, DCA…It’s up to you. Below are some links to my Telegram and the Team 100 Telegram Channel. Reach out with any questions. The team is friendly and eager to welcome new members or answer any questions.

Contact me via Telegram:

Join the Drip Team 100 Telegram Group:

How to Join Team 100 and join the experiment

  1. Go to Connect to your Metamask wallet. Be sure to be on the Binance Smart Chain for your network. If you need help adding Binance Smart Chain, How to use Binance Smart Chain on Iphone

2. You can swap your BNB for DRIP on the Swap page. Keep in mind that you need at least 1 DRIP to take part in the Faucet so you have to buy at least 1.12 DRIP.

3. Go to Faucet. Enter Buddy address: 0x056cE4d8C5632ba34C0572ff387053C37096057e

4. Deposit funds into the Faucet.

This article isn’t financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. Drip is a highly speculative investment. This piece is strictly my opinion. I am someone who wants to maintain and grow my wealth so that I can provide a good livelihood for my family and myself. Do your own research before making any investments.

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