Introducing Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall- Strengthen while Earning

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7 min readMay 1, 2022
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You just looked at your crypto portfolio, and, in dismay, you decide you need to start making more money. So you accept a substitute teaching position at your local elementary school. They have decided you are going to cover Mrs. McDonigal’s kindergarten class. Yay! You pump up the Kidz Bop Kids and head to school, wondering what your first day substituting will bring.

You enter the classroom, read the lesson plan, and learn that you will be performing a behavioral experiment in the class today. Here’s a summary of the behavioral investigation. For the first 5 minutes, you will instruct the children about the pros and cons of eating candy. Most of the talking points will be the negative aspects. Next, you will spend 5 minutes talking about the pros and cons of eating vegetables, focusing more on the benefits.

After the instructional period ends, you will have two baskets at the front of the classroom. One basket will be overflowing with candy- Sour Patch Kids, Licorice, full-size Snickers bars, M&Ms, Three Musketeers, Skittles, Twix, and all of the other sugar-filled energy medicine for 5 and 6 year-olds. The other basket will be poured over with colorful fresh vegetables. Kids will have the ability to choose condiments like peanut butter, ranch, and various dips to make the vegetables palpable.

According to the lesson plan, you are now supposed to leave the room for 5 minutes so the children can grab as much of whatever they want. You return after listening to the Kidz Bop Kids version of Truth Hurts on your phone, and what do you think the results are? While I haven’t executed this behavioral experiment, I would wager the candy will all be gone. Perhaps some of the vegetables will be missing. However, most of the children will start eating the candy first.

This hypothetical thought experiment reminds me of the Drip Reservoir. The 105,000+ Drip wallet community can be educated endlessly. Still, more investors choose to buy Drip and load it in the Faucet for a 1% daily return than take the slow road and buy Drops in the Reservoir for a much smaller return. The numbers reflect this as only 5,189 players are in the Reservoir while the Faucet has 106,561 players. If you aren’t familiar with how the Reservoir works and why it benefits the entire Drip community, please check out this video below.

Video from PaidBoy T on YouTube

A child eating only candy will get stomach aches and cavities and gain unnecessary weight. Likewise, a Drip ecosystem with only the Faucet operating at full speed but without a healthy Reservoir will not sustain the price floor we are all desiring.

Introducing “Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall”- a solution to continually feed the Reservoir.

Let’s look at the Drip Faucet and Drip Reservoir similarly to the kindergarten candy/vegetable thought experiment. As investors, we want the potential returns offered by the Faucet. It provides us with highs like candy for the children and feeds our hopes and desires. Meanwhile, as responsible thinkers concerned with sustainability, we should also be focused on keeping the Reservoir properly stocked, just like we should hope children eat vegetables.

If less than 5% of Drip Faucet players are in the Reservoir, how do we get them involved in the Reservoir? Why would an investor be happy with a potential 30–60% annual gain in the Reservoir when they can easily get a 365% gain by depositing in the Faucet?

I am confident I have figured out a solution that will be a win for you (the Drip investor), the Drip platform, and the entire Drip community. Solutions are more fun when everybody works together and wins together. So my solution is to start a new team: Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall (TDRR).

The team's mission will be to support and harden Drip’s price via providing a monthly “rainfall” into the Drip Reservoir. The TDRR wallet will purchase additional Drops in the Reservoir, foster a communal approach, and reward directs on the team. If you are invested in Drip and interested in sustainability, I hope you pay attention and continue reading.

How Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall will work

The mechanics are simple. Investors can easily set up a new wallet and use the TDRR wallet as their buddy address (instructions at the bottom). Referrals and rewards will go into this team wallet. This wallet will hydrate 20 days per month and claim the following 10 or 11 days of the month. Therefore, the TDRR will continually grow in Drip volume.

At the end of the month, the claimed Drip will be converted to BNB, immediately converted to Drops in the Reservoir via the TDRR wallet. Once the BNB is converted to Drops in the Reservoir, it will remain in the Reservoir and constantly compounded. At the TDRR 1st anniversary, May 1, 2023, 10% of the TDRR Drops will be converted back to Drip and distributed via airdrop to the direct members of TDRR. This reward pool will be allocated based on how many total Drip TDRR directs have in their wallet.

To qualify for the airdrop, a TDRR direct will need to have at least 10 Drip in their deposits at the time of airdrop and join the team by November 1, 2022. The disbursement will be distributed as follows: 15% of the reward pool will be split evenly among team members with 10–49.99 in Drip deposits, 35% of the reward pool will be split evenly among team members with 50–99.99 in Drip deposits, and the remaining 50% of the reward pool will be distributed evenly to TDRR directs with 100+Drip in their deposits.

3 Reasons to consider joining Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall

  1. If you believe in the Drip project enough to invest your hard-earned money and deposit it in the Faucet, it makes sense to invest in the sustainability and long-term growth of Drip. Here is a way to play the Drip game however you want (compound, claim, build a team, do a combination) and strengthen the project. Whether you are playing Drip independently or by building out a team, this makes sense. The more BNB in the Reservoir, the stronger and more resilient Drip becomes.
  2. A small investment can have a significant impact. At the time of writing, 1 Drop costs approximately 8 BNB. Let’s assume 1000 Faucet players join TDRR and deposit 10 Drip each. The TDRR wallet will have 1000 Drip. Without any additional rewards from compounds or other deposits, the TDRR wallet will earn just about 100 Drip after taxes claimable each month. At today’s exchange rate, that equates to just about 15 BNB. This would convert to around 1 Drop per month after taxes! The Drops will be compounding and growing consistently.
  3. At the end of the year, you will be rewarded with a share of the reward pool. If the value of Drops goes up, your rewards will be even more significant.

Key Takeaways

I’ve been in Drip for almost a year. I heard about the Reservoir several times but never invested in it. I couldn’t understand the logic of putting money to work in the Reservoir when I could put it to work in the Faucet. I’m confident there’s a good chance (roughly 95%) that you and many other investors like you have the same mentality. And as we know, exercising is more beneficial than watching TV on the couch; we are human. Meanwhile, most of us will choose to watch our favorite show over going out for a jog. Research and average male and female weights support this.

By joining Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall, you strengthen your investment and be a good citizen in the Drip community. Even if you create one new wallet and deposit 1 Drip and hydrate over the year, it will be easy to end the year at 10 Drip and qualify for the airdrop.

Please share this article (it is not behind a paywall) with any of your friends, associates, colleagues, or teammates in the Drip community. The best way to succeed is by working as a united front. Currently, the price of Drip is on a decline, so it may be an excellent opportunity to start a new wallet and buy the dip and start compounding!

This article isn’t financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. It is strictly my opinion. Drip and Decentralized Finance are high-risk investments. I am someone who wants to maintain and grow my wealth so that I can provide a good livelihood for my family and myself. Do your own research before making any investments.


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How to Join Team Drip Reservoir Rainfall and join the experiment

  1. Go to Connect to your Metamask wallet. Be sure to be on the Binance Smart Chain for your network. If you need help adding Binance Smart Chain, How to use Binance Smart Chain on Iphone

2. You can swap your BNB for DRIP on the Swap page. Remember that you need at least 1 DRIP to participate in the Faucet, so you have to buy at least 1.12 DRIP.

3. Go to Faucet. Enter Buddy address: 0x16bba026fc3528d45c3163c36030548bB6Bd3DFd

4. Deposit funds into the Faucet.

5. Join the team Telegram to get updates on the Team Wallet:

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