I Bought Ten of These Ordinals and Won't Sell Any Unless it Does a 10x

As Ordinal sales and inscription volume skyrocket, here's why I want to have a lot of exposure to this set.

Scott Debevic
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Image from Anon Ordinals Collection

Not every Bitcoin owner invests in altcoins. However, nearly every altcoin investor owns Bitcoin. This is the narrative that gets me so excited about Ordinals. It doesn't matter if you come from the ETH, SOL, or Polygon NFT community; everyone who collects NFTs wants to own Bitcoin Ordinals. It's just some of them may not know it yet.

The growth of Ordinals' volume and communities illustrate how powerful this concept is in digital collecting in a completely immutable space. There's also an added element with inscription numbers cataloging the history of this new asset class.

And, since no royalties are collected on secondary sales, you will find genuine communities run by teams looking to improve the space rather than a cash grab. Those successful teams will gain notoriety and mint future projects at higher investments.

I will share why I invested heavily in Anons. Also, I will explain my thesis and why my conviction rate in Anons is so high. Time will tell if my arguments are valid, and I'm ok waiting to see if I'm right.

Image from Anons Ordinal Collection

Why Anons Have a good chance at Succeeding

I'm a big fan of investing and collecting digital art with a reason to own it. I have written about other collections with low inscription numbers and unique attributes differentiating themselves from the played-out clones. I want something unique with its own story to tell.

And what better story than the Anonymous Mask to characterize in image format what Bitcoin represents? Here's what the Guy Fawkes mask represents to different people:

  • Anonymity
  • Freedom of expression
  • Resistance against governmental surveillance
  • A Call for social change

We can safely argue that most Bitcoin investors agree with these tenets. So why would I want to own another Punk, Ape, or copy from another collection? As far as I know, this is the only pixel art collection with the Anonymous Mask representation.

Additionally, Anons have a limited supply of 500 with 258 unique wallet address holders on day two. This limited supply can be good and bad. First, sales transaction volume will be reduced. Fewer mints mean many diamond-handed collectors will not sell their pieces. For example, several 10,000 inscription projects have seen thousands of transactions showing demand is here. But, on the other hand, floor prices can move quickly with a smaller collection.

Finally, the background on most of these digital collectibles is orange. Orange is the first color the brain processes. This is why traffic cones, workers’ safety vests, firetrucks, and prisoner jumpsuits are often orange.

Image from Anons Ordinal Collection

Why I Won't Be Upset If They Don't 10X

The art on these is pretty damn cool. You've got the Bitcoin Orange, The Raining Bitcoin, and The Matrix backgrounds. But it's the mask that binds them all together. And, since I like what the mask represents, I am fine owning the first Ordinal collection minted on Bitcoin with this mask.

The Anons minted a couple of days ago for about $60 worth of Bitcoin. So I'm choosing the ten pieces I like the most and investing an average of $116 worth of Bitcoin for each one. And I plan to hold all of these until the price is 10x. When it does this, I will sell one. When it does an 11x, I will sell one. Finally, when it reaches 20x, I will hold this last one.

I am not trying to horde this collection. However, I believe the Anons are undervalued, and I'm willing to speculate I am right.

Image from Anons Ordinal Collection
Image from Anons Ordinal Collection

Which do I hold until the end?

If the Anon collection does a 20x, I will probably choose between these two, which I will hang on to long-term. It's a tough decision, and since I like them both, I will let the market choose for me. Whichever has the higher floor at 20x, I will hold on to it.

At the time of writing, I own Ordinals in several of the project mentioned. However, I haven’t been paid or sponsored to write this piece; digital art is subjective.

This information should not be taken as investment advice. Digital assets like crypto, Ordinals, and NFTs involve risk, so you should always perform due diligence before investing. Furthermore, this article is my opinion; I am not a financial advisor.

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