How You Can Turn 1 BNB Into 100 BNB With This Memecoin

Bitcoin at $60,000 puts it out of reach for many investors. However, hope for asymmetric riches isn't lost. Some fortunes are made in crypto with small investments. Could this be one of those investments?

Scott Debevic
7 min readFeb 29, 2024

I'm feeling pretty good lately. February has been a banner month for the crypto market. Two weeks ago, I wrote about a new portfolio strategy, Ride the Hottest Crypto Narratives with this Strategy (my portfolio included)! The portfolio has been up 80% since then. At the beginning of February, I wrote 3 Unique Crypto Projects You've Got To Check Out, and my first pick, Cellframe, has done nearly a 3X since then. And finally, my POOF token has exceeded $1, and I wrote about that in July when it was trading a little over $0.10. Can You Turn $10,000 Into $100,000 With This Crypto Project?

Don't get me wrong. I've made some bad picks. And I'm sure I'll continue making more. But that's OK. Crypto is forgiving because making a handful of good picks can compensate for dozens of bad picks.

As I feel more confident than I have in a long time, I want to take a slice of my gains and see if I can hit the jackpot. And I found a project that can give me (and you) a chance to turn 1 BNB into 100 BNB. It sounds wild. It sounds ridiculous. And it sounds impossible. But I'm here to explain how it could happen.

Will it happen? I'm not sure. Do I want it to happen? Yes. Could it happen? I believe so.

It All Began With a Man and a Meme

I've missed many gains by taking a stand against memes. It's embarrassing. Years ago, I had a friend tell me about his Dogecoin investment when it was fractions of fractions of a penny, and I laughed at him as if he was an idiot. Boy, was I wrong?

I missed Shiba Inu. I missed Pepe. I missed Bonk. I missed Maga. Hell, I even missed Coq Inu. But this $1.5M market cap coin could compensate for all those missed gains. Why? Because it's still early. Doge has an $8B market cap, which is 5,333 times higher than $1.5M. Will this token do a 5,333x? No. But if it can do 50X, I'm confident I can 100X my investment. And it's much easier for a $1.5M coin to go to $75M than an $8B coin to go to $400B (higher than ETH's Market Cap).

What is great about this project is that you and I can manifest this into reality, and I will share the roadmap on how we do it with you. Also, you don't have to have a gigantic budget or take massive risks and potentially make an insane return on investment.

Let's start with the thesis on why this project is worth investing in my BNB.

Catboy- The memecoin ripe with potential

As stated earlier, I am no memecoin whisperer. But, I have had success finding opportunities in the crypto space. I am confident an opportunity exists here.

Here's my thesis on why Catboy appears to be a much better memecoin opportunity than 99% of its competitors:

  • Catboy Token Distribution isn't too concentrated- Only a few whales need to get fed before this can take off. Check out the token distribution here:
  • Check out the whitepaper. This team is building. While there is a buy/sell tax on Catboy, it's not just lining the pockets of the dev team. The fact that the team spent the time to create a legitimate whitepaper instead of a one-page doc illustrates the team is working and creative.
  • CZ, an important man in the crypto space, is following this project's X page. This is a $1.5M market cap project. Read the first sentence again.
  • Catboy offers 30/60/90 staking. Currently, the 90-day staking pays 279% APY. This means I'll have 75% more tokens in 3 months when I stake my bag today. Having a little faith and patience can pay immense dividends!
  • They also have a Catboy token on ETH, which can attract liquidity from the best DeFi chains- Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Soon, they will have a bridge between the two chains where the prices will be more aligned.
  • Catboy's market cap is $1.5 million. One tweet from the right person can send this thing 10X overnight. As I stated earlier, ordinary people like you and me can impact the success of a memecoin this small.

The Roadmap for Turning 1 BNB into 100 BNB

If investors collectively do the following for the greater good, we can turn 1 BNB into 100 BNB. In USD, that is turning $415 into $41,500. Here's my plan:

  1. Purchase 1 BNB worth of Catboy on Binance Smart Chain. Immediately stake the Catboy on for 90 days. Now, I'm committed to the token for three months. I don't have to think about selling because I can't.
  2. Tell ten people you know about this project. Share this article. Tweet this article. Focus on any talking points you are excited about. Ensure you share the potential ROI and benefit of staking so everyone can work collectively.
  3. Share your referral link with everyone. My referral link is:

'Earn extra, effortless income by joining our affiliate program. Up to 1% commission in $Catboy tokens for every referral order. No extra work for you. Your wallet is credited with commissions directly after every order placed via your personal referral link.'

I0.2.f you refer 10 people who each invest 1 BNB, now you have 10% more Catboy working for you. Since Catboy's market cap is so low today, that 10% can become a gigantic payday.

The Math

Imagine that today, you purchase 1 BNB in Catboy and stake it on the platform. Let's assume the staking reward drops as more holders stake, and you earn 50% extra Catboy tokens in 90 days. Now, you have 1.5X your original amount.

Next, you work on getting ten referrals. Let's imagine each referral purchases 1 BNB in Catboy. Now, you have 1.6X your original investment in Catboy. Over the next three months, you need Catboy to increase in value by 62.5X or hit a total Market Cap of $93.75 million.

This is very possible. Hundreds of cryptos exceed the valuation of $100 million. A big influencer may mention it. CZ may do a Tweet mentioning it. If either of these things happens, $100 million is attainable.

Get in before Memeseason starts!

Retail has yet to arrive in crypto officially. But it's going to happen faster this cycle than in past ones. We saw Elon Musk tweet a frog and mention memecoins, and Pepe nearly tripled in a day. The liquidity is here.

By starting our Catboy staking immediately, we can reap the biggest benefit from the project and get our friends in early.

Here are the instructions for purchasing Catboy on Binance Smart Chain, and I will include my link again. I appreciate anyone who uses it.

Catboy Token Address on Binance Smart Chain: 0x0dcee5f694e492f0dd842a7fbe5bed4c6e4665a6

6% buy/6% sell tax
This means you should adjust slippage to 7%

Here is a guide on how to stake your $Catboy tokens on BSC:

  • *I got errors when I first tried staking. I had to lower my 100% stake by some Catboy and it worked perfect.

Telegram Link:
Website Link:

This information should not be taken as investment advice. Memecoins are extremely risky and often go to $0. Digital assets like crypto and NFTs involve risk, so you should always perform due diligence before investing.

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