How Wearing Blinders Over The Next 3 Years May Make You Rich

Scott Debevic
9 min readMay 15, 2022
Picture of a mind using his hands as blinders beside his eyes.
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Luckily, I have a poor record at the racetrack. My lack of skill, luck, and understanding has saved me from losing thousands of dollars betting on horseraces. There are restaurants, bars, and even bowling alleys offering satellite wagering on horses in California, where I live. The temptation hasn’t afflicted me because I’ve never come close to winning. I have gone to the track a few times to see if the experience is like the movies. Sadly, it’s not.

If you’ve ever watched a horserace, you may have noticed many of the racehorses wearing blinders over their eyes. These blinders serve several vital purposes, including protection, focus, and reducing stress.

Blinders protect the horse by limiting its peripheral vision. Horses have eyes on the side of their heads, giving them a large vision field (common among animals that are typically prey). Having a wide range of vision allows them to detect predators. But in a horserace, the last thing you want your steed to do is feel threatened by some outside movement, action, or perceived threat.

Secondly, the blinders allow the racehorse to focus on the task. Finally, the blinders prevent the horse from seeing the horse next to them. Therefore, it prevents the horse from moving its head and slowing down unnecessarily.

The third importance of blinders is related to the first. Wearing eye protection prevents them from seeing potential threats or distractions. Instinctually, horses are nervous and easily excitable. However, the blinders allow them to relax by forcing them to ignore the potential dangers that could excite their nervous system.

Like racehorses, a good investor also needs protection, focus, and stress reduction. Unfortunately, we cannot buy blinders that keep our minds wandering from the worst possible scenario, the powerful media, and the persistent information available every second. However, I challenge you to challenge yourself to wear mental blinders for the next three years to improve your financial status. In this article, I will highlight the problem(s) and the opportunity and share my strategy to capitalize on the current state of affairs.

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