How I'm Staking Three Tokens and Earning 200%+ APR in USDC, ETH, and ARB

Stake one token and earn another. Learn about three ways I'm earning income as the market chops.

Scott Debevic
6 min readMay 7


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The financial markets are grinding away. Everyone has their opinions:

  • "Bitcoin is going to break out in a face-melting rally," one analyst who accurately called the 2016 summer swing low in Bitcoin said.
  • "Altcoins season is two weeks away," said a market strategist with 514,253 Twitter followers.
  • "Everything is going to crash as liquidity is exiting the system," said a Scorpio hedge fund manager, short on the market.

It doesn't cost anything to make predictions. And if they go the wrong way, it's ok. They will just come out with a new thesis and move on to the next narrative.

And, while I'm tempted to YOLO in on the latest memecoin in the hope of instant riches, I know that based on my memecoin track record, it's probably not happening. So instead, I am focusing on preserving my capital until the next bull run occurs. One way I am hedging myself is by investing in crypto assets I can stake to earn blue-chip assets.

Staking and earning in kind is great when the market goes up, and the compound effect magnifies your rewards, but unfortunately, it also works in the opposite direction. Here are a few crypto assets I am staking to earn USDC, ETH, and ARB.

We are discussing high-yield staking rewards, so understand that the underlying assets are risky and volatile. However, it's nice accumulating blue chips that should grow in the next bull market.

Staking Asset #1 DCA

Token price at the time of writing: $0.00168 Chain: Arbitrum
DCA staking rewards: 288.47% in USDC is a platform I've written about a couple of times. It has a unique service allowing investors to DCA into crypto assets directly from their wallets. Recently, Autodca added the…



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