How I'm Earning 2547% APYs on this Community-Driven Arbitrum Platform

Hearing APYs like this may bring back memories of insane yield farms on Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. But this project doesn't look like a cash grab by some greedy devs. Read why I'm giving it a shot.

Scott Debevic


Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

When you hear about a project in the mainstream media or by most crypto influencers, the opportunity to make seismic gains has usually passed. Sometimes, the best projects are the ones you find yourself and take a chance on. Before I go over this project and my thesis for investing in it, here are a few things I find incredibly sexy about it.

#1) The project is on Arbitrum.

#2) It's community-driven.

#3) It has a unique selling proposition to potentially keep investors from dumping the reward token.

#4) At the time of writing, the native token has under a $50,000 market cap.

The platform is called Zyberswap; if the name sounds familiar, you may have heard of Kyberswap, a successful crypto decentralized exchange (DEX). This is smart marketing. Investors buy into projects like Dogelon Mars, Saitama Inu, and other projects that copy familiar names.

One of the most profitable airdrops I got was from Kogecoin. It was worth half a penny when I got it. I liked the project and invested in some more at $0.08. It peaked at over $1.50. Koge had no relationship with Doge, but it took off before crashing and burning.

Why I'm Taking A Chance on Zyberswap

I found this project while researching different platforms that only exist on Arbitrum. Moreover, significant money flows into Arbitrum as it is now the fourth largest chain in terms of total value locked. In other words, projects on Arbitrum are in the right place. And if Arbitrum launches a token, I can see its TVL skyrocketing even further via reward incentives.

Zyberswap launched on January 23. It's a DEX like Uniswap, Sushiswap, or Pancakeswap where users can swap between different tokens. Within one week of its launch, Zyberswap has amassed over $2 million in total liquidity. This is…



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