How I Am Earning 14% APY on My ETH, and You Can Too!

Scott Debevic
7 min readJan 28, 2023

One of the most successful yield-generating DeFi platforms is GMX. So here’s a new platform allowing you to earn consistent income from leveraged traders on GMX on auto-pilot.

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How do you value convenience? For example, at some amusement parks, you can pay an extra $10-$20 to park closer to the entrance. I never understood that because you will probably walk most of the day anyways. But, on the other hand, sometimes paying extra for the convenience of valet parking at a busy restaurant or hotel is well worth the cost. So, I guess convenience’s value is situational and subjective.

There’s a lot to be said for convenience in the crypto world. Constantly going into DeFi apps to compound rewards, collect rewards, convert rewards, or withdraw rewards can waste time and gas fees and be exhausting. This is why auto-compounding aggregators have a viable business model. Platforms like Beefy Finance and Plutus DAO take out the busy work and provide convenience for investors.

But what if there’s a platform that auto-compounds your rewards for you and hedges the risk of another platform? This is exactly what the GMD protocol on Arbitrum is trying to do. I discovered the GMD protocol today and am so impressed with how it works and its convenience that I’ve already staked some of my ETH in its vaults.

How Does GMD Protocol work, Part 1

Describing this GMD protocol could be tricky, detailed, and confusing. Or, I can simplify it and avoid getting too in the weeds or particulars. But, because I feel a bit overwhelmed understanding it, I’ll try to give a simple explanation.

To understand GMD, you first need to understand GMX. GMX is a perpetual swaps protocol on Arbitrum. Traders (or gamblers) can speculate on various crypto assets on GMX and trade with up to 100X leverage. These traders can go long or short and have to pay various fees to the platform to access the hundreds of millions it has in liquidity.

The traders on GMX are trading against a pool of crypto assets funded by liquidity providers. The liquidity pool mainly comprises 50% in stablecoins, 35% in ETH, and 15% in BTC. So, if a liquidity provider supplies BTC, they are now diversifying into this index of 50%…



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