How I Almost Lost Thousands in Crypto at 3:04 am

The scammers are getting smarter. Learn about my experience to avoid falling prey.

Scott Debevic
8 min readMay 12


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It was 3:04 am, my daughter came into my bedroom complaining that her throat was itching. “Did you take your allergy medicine yesterday?” my wife asked. “No. I forgot,” my miserable child responded. “Go take some Benadryl,” my wife told her. “I don’t know where it is,” my little angel responded. That’s when my super-daddy instincts kicked in.

I sprung out of bed to help search for allergy medicine and be the household hero restoring sleep to everybody. But, of course, the medicine wasn’t in the first place I looked. And it wasn’t in the second or the third, either. So finally, after cursing at the gods, I found the medicine in the fourth spot, gave it to my daughter, and walked her back to bed.

Now, I was awake. And, as a fan of inflicting mental pain and anguish on myself, I lit up my phone—bad idea. First, I checked my cryptos and wasn’t surprised everything was still down. Then, I headed over to Discord to see if I got a response to a message I had written the previous night.

Why I was seeking help on Discord

I had a newer project I am providing liquidity on. Last night, my LPs weren’t showing up on the platform, and I went into the Discord to ask for help. There weren’t any Devs on when I wrote the message, but I noticed a thread under the general chat thread titled “support.” There was a message there.

The message came from (who I believed was) the lead dev. I won’t include the screenshots here because I don’t want to dox the project or myself on Discord. I prefer using an anonymous name there. But I will share pieces of the conversation here.

(Supposed) Lead Dev: “Hey man. How may I help you?”

Me: “I had two LPs and they stopped showing up when I clicked the farms button on the platform. They were showing up fine until today.”

(Supposed) Lead Dev: “Sorry for the inconvenience that might have caused. Kindly provide your wallet address? I’ll look into it.”

A little background is necessary. I have spoken with this dev before about a separate issue. He was…



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