Get Your Free Airdrop for ARB Recipients

Read how to get your free crypto and learn more about this new Arbitrum project with over 100,000 holders.

Scott Debevic



If you received the ARB airdrop, you qualify for the AIDOGE airdrop! While the AIDOGE airdrop isn’t worth the same as the ARB airdrop, it had an $80 value when I claimed it in my wallet yesterday.

In this post, I will share how to get the AIDOGE airdrop, the creative tokenomics for the project, and why there may be something more to this meme project other than “Wen lambo?”

Anyone who missed PEPE, WOJAK, CHADS, DOGE, SHIBA, FLOKI, or any other memecoin, and wants to try their memecoin luck, should take a closer look at AIDOGE. Like most memecoins, it begins with the greater fool theory. But the team has goals for utility and compelling games attracting millions in daily trade volume.

How to get your free AIDOGE tokens

If you received $ARB in your wallet, you can also claim AIDOGE. It’s extremely easy to claim. First, you visit, connect your wallet, and claim your free AIDOGE tokens. Next, you will want to add the AIDOGE token contract address to your wallet. The correct address is: 0x09e18590e8f76b6cf471b3cd75fe1a1a9d2b2c2b

The Basic Mechanics of $AIDOGE

Once you have received your tokens, you have a few options. The tokens are traded on There is a 15% transaction tax on purchases and sales. The total supply is 210 quadrillion AIDOGE, a figure most of us can’t comprehend. For example, my airdrop awarded me over 71 billion AIDOGE.

Obviously, selling right away is one option. However, the AIDOGE team has created tremendous incentives to create demand, burn supply, and buyback tokens. Before we dive into those, let’s examine where these hefty 15% buy/sell taxes go.

As you can see, only 3% of the transaction taxes are leaking out of the ecosystem, which goes to development. Every project needs motivated and incentivized…



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