Explosive Return Potential!!! Introducing ‘Team 100’ a new experiment in Drip built for You

Scott Debevic
5 min readDec 8, 2021
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I have been a part of Drip for five months and have seen tremendous growth in the network, community, and my Drip account value. But my experience isn’t important here. I’m here to talk about what Drip can do for you. And equally important, how Team 100 can help you get to your Drip goals quicker.

If you haven’t read or heard about Drip Network, it’s all over Medium, YouTube, and social media. It’s an opportunity for investors to earn a 1% return on their invested Drip daily- up to a maximum of 365% returns. I initially wrote about Drip here: The DeFi Chronicle- How can a $2200 investment equate to $500/day after a year in DRIP?

Others like myself have seen tremendous returns from Drip and the token’s resilience (going up while the rest of the crypto market lost nearly $1 trillion in value) during the latest market meltdown has dramatically increased my conviction rate. Do I think Drip has risks? Yes. But each passing day, my skepticism decreases.

I initially built a team and distributed 50% (over 500 Drip valued at nearly $14,000 at time of writing) of my Drip rewards back to direct members of my team. Now, I’m ready to raise the ante. I’m aiming to give 100% of rewards/hydrations/bonuses back to directs on Team 100. If you are new to Drip, I want you to experience the same optimistic storyline that 18,000 other players are embracing. And if you are already involved in Drip, you are welcome to join this experiment too!

How Will Team 100 Work?

When you sign up for Drip using the buddy address at the bottom of this article, 10% of your first deposit will go directly to the Team 100 wallet. As a direct member of the team, you will be eligible to get a piece of the Team 100 wallet rewards.

That’s right. All of the rewards from this wallet will go back to direct team members via airdrops. So now, you can earn 1% in daily returns and get additional free Drip just by being a part of this new groundbreaking team.

When players compound, refer new team members, and when the Team 100 wallet compounds, the Team 100 wallet will continue growing. The bigger the wallet grows, the more rewards it can distribute to directs.

Scott Debevic

My goal is growing wealth and earning passive income. Mainly focused on Bitcoin and crypto. Feel free to contact me at: scottdebevic@gmail.com