Crypto Metrics: Are Treasuries Important?

Common sense tells us it’s better to invest in a crypto asset with a large treasury rather than one that does not. However, in this article, we will explore how vital a treasury is, or is it more of a deceptive statistic?

Scott Debevic
7 min readJun 30, 2022


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We are in a bear crypto market right now. Twenty-four hours a day, we can go to Twitter, YouTube, or any crypto news site to read, see, or hear about reasons to be fearful and afraid. And most of the reasons are sound, logical, and fear-inducing. And some of us will swear off the crypto space and leave it in wait until the next bull market. Others will use this time to learn lessons from their mistakes and prepare for the next growth phase of this asset class.

Looking at our crypto portfolios, it’s easy to feel sad, upset, frustrated and scared at the current asset values compared to what they were one month or six months ago. And that is ok. We are emotional creatures, and fear of loss is reported to be more potent than fear of missing out. But, we also need to take notes of the positives that have occurred in this bull cycle.

There are many wins the crypto market has pulled off. The most crucial metric is user numbers. As more people use crypto and interact with the different ecosystems, investing in the space becomes more acceptable and reasonable. I believe the next bull run in crypto will be less driven by hype and more driven by trackable metrics.

Uniform metrics allow us to compare different projects objectively and try to formulate an investment thesis in a particular project. It’s easy to say, “Invest in the Metaverse. It’s going to be huge in ten years.” But then, when you look at all the Metaverse projects and wonder, “how do you choose which one to commit your hard-earned money to?” Based on current developments, it’s mostly a shot in the dark at this point.

However, different crypto assets are generating revenue. And it will be interesting to track how their revenue generation performs during the bear market. Will there be new winners? Were some projects just fortunate in their timing? Was revenue based on gimmicks like airdrops, and income drops off when the scheme ends?



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