BTC Ordinals Have Caught Fire!

Prices and sales volume on Ordinals is skyrocketing. So don’t get left behind on your chance to own a digital artifact.

Scott Debevic
6 min readMay 18


Image of an Ordinal from the Derps collection

So much can happen in crypto in two months! I first wrote about Ordinals in my newsletter on March 24, in my newsletter, Aggressive Crypto. At that time, 580,000 Ordinals had been minted on Bitcoin. Today, over 7.6 million Ordinals have been minted! As a result, sales volume on Magic Eden has accelerated, and the Ordinal collecting community has grown massively.

What's the reason? I believe it's a combination of factors contributing to the phenomenal growth in Ordinals:

I may be missing other items as well. But I am certain that the Ordinal craze is closer to its beginning than its end. So I will share how, why, and where to get Ordinals in this piece. And I will share some of my favorite Ordinal projects that you may want to check out.

What are Ordinals?

Nakamoto Crypto Card Ordinal

An easy definition for Ordinals is NFTs on Bitcoin. And, for the most part, this would be an accurate definition. However, technical factors differentiate Ordinals from traditional smart chain-based NFTs. Therefore, out of respect for your time, I will summarize the key differences between Ordinals and traditional NFTs.

  • Ordinals are inscriptions (images, videos, or music files) on a Satoshi. And since they are on Bitcoin, they exist on a completely decentralized network making them more secure than…



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