Boost Your Returns By Ditching L2s For This Better Option

The crypto space is overflowing with projects, categories, and choices. Instead of trying to choose the right L2(s), here's my conviction pick.

Scott Debevic
7 min readJun 16, 2024
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Imagine a scenario where you are in a strip club, and three strippers are working. Each of the three strippers is hot, and there are ten customers. Now, imagine a scenario where there are twelve mediocre-looking strippers. There are still ten customers. Which of the following conclusions would you surmise

A) In the first scenario, the strippers will individually make more money than in scenario 2.

B) In the second scenario, the strippers will have varying success but generally make less money than in scenario 1.

If you agree with answer A, you should not risk your investment dollars in the various Ethereum L2 projects. After spending time in the Arbitrum, Optimism, Blast, Mode, zkSync, Scroll, Linea, Manta, and Mantle ecosystems, I can confidently tell you that each ecosystem has little variance. The only exception is Blast, which has native-yielding ETH and USDC. The trade-off is that bridging to Blast sucks.

Considering the lack of individuality, it’s a fool’s errand trying to guess which (if any) L2 will…



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