Balls of Kryptonite? Drip Team 100 has a plan for making money in the bear market. Join In!

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Sometimes, I watch the markets, which makes me feel like crawling in a hole and hibernating for six months. Maybe that is why it’s called a bear market because the ones who make money during a bear market can steal away in their burrow like a bear and magically sleep until the winter ends. But we aren’t bears. We are people! We have emotions like fear and greed clouding our logic like the shoulder angel and shoulder devil I used to see in so many cartoons.

New stories lately are primarily featuring doom and gloom. A recession is upon us! Inflation is out of control, and a loaf of bread will be $10! Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will raise rates like Paul Volker in the 80s! A legendary trader who correctly called the last crash calls for Bitcoin to re-visit 2021 lows! Global tensions and supply chain issues will continue pressuring economic growth! Warren Buffett still doesn’t like Bitcoin! I avoid Twitter, but I see YouTubers and influencers who were moonboys at the end of last month now calling for the crypto market to continue its descent with shocking clickbait headlines.

With all of the negativity, it’s easy to get swept up and sell your holdings, waiting for the market to bottom out and perfectly time your re-entry. I’ve done this before, and oddly enough, I’ve never timed the bottom re-entry correctly. I'd be in a much better financial position if I just held and stuck with my original investing thesis.

Being long Bitcoin and Ethereum right now requires a steel gut. Being long altcoins requires courage, idiocy, or desperation. And opening new positions on any crypto right now requires balls of kryptonite.

If you are on Medium and don’t know what Drip is, congratulations on just joining Medium today! Otherwise, you have probably read it's either the best thing sliced bread or the Bernie Madoff of crypto investments. I’m in the former camp and have watched Drip grow and mature and outpace every other project in the space. Drip appeals to our human sense of greed, and I believe greed will continue to be a motivator in crypto. Therefore, I remain and continue being long on Drip.

If you don’t know how Drip works, please refer to the following article: The DeFi Chronicle- How can a $2200 investment equate to $500/day after a year in DRIP?

For Spring Break, I went to Sedona, Arizona, and took a tour on a 4x4 open-air Jeep. The ride was bumpy, filled with sharp turns, steep inclines, and obstacles a minivan could never endure. My kids loved it. My wife and I could only imagine the pain and soreness we’d be feeling the following day. The tour guide driving the Jeep treated it like another Tuesday at work.

One of the competing tours (I chose not to go with) allowed me (the consumer) to rent a 4x4 Jeep and go offroading myself. I’m thrilled I opted for the guided tour with the driver in hindsight. The driver shared knowledge, knew precisely where to go, drove confidently, and came in handy to take family photos.

When I created Drip Team 100 in December, I approached it as an experiment. Its success in the past five months has surpassed any expectations I had at the time. We have 80 direct team members and a team wallet with over 260 Drip! Team 100 has airdropped nearly 140 Drip and will be distributing a minimum of 90 Drip during the subsequent distribution in July.

Today, I see Drip Team 100 like the tour guide who drove my family through the Sedona trails. Like the tour guide, Drip Team 100 is built to enhance your experience and get to your destination faster and easier than trying to do it yourself.

What is Drip Team 100?

If you aren’t familiar with Drip Team 100, it’s a team started in December where 100% of the team wallet rewards are airdropped to directs. Each month, claiming and hydrating are alternating. For example, last month was a claim month where all of the Team 100 wallet’s Drip rewards for the month were claimed. At the beginning of this month, 75% of the claimed Drip was distributed equally to the top 50% of wallets. The remaining 25% was evenly split between the remaining wallets. To qualify for the airdrop, a wallet has to have over 10 Drip in deposits.

The Drip Team 100 is meant to enhance your experience with Drip. You can expect to get airdrops every other month as long as you qualify. Nothing is being sucked out of the Drip Team 100 wallet, and as time goes on, the wallet will only have more Drip!

What’s the plan for making money in the bear market?

Until this point, Drip Team 100 has been 100% funded by the team. In 5 months, we have built a team of 80 wallets and 260 Drip! I know we can do better, and I want to motivate others to join the experiment. Therefore, for May, if you become a new member and join Drip Team 100 and deposit at least 10 Drip in the Faucet, you and the Team 100 wallet will split a 1 Drip airdrop. If you deposit 50 or more Drip and use the Team 100 buddy ID (at the bottom of this article), you and the Team 100 wallet will split a 2 Drip airdrop. Note that the top 50% of wallets in the most recent monthly airdrop had over 50 Drip.

These airdrops will not be funded from the Team 100 wallet, but from my personal wallet. I will commit to doing them for the remainder of May to any new directs up to 100 Drip total.

The market is rough now, and Drip is selling well below its all-time highs. However, this may prove to be one of the best times to get involved with the best project in DeFi. On April 8, Drip hit 100,000 players. Less than one month later, it is over 107,000 players. This is on the heels of one of the worst months in financial markets since March 2020. I remember watching Drip go from $58 down to $6 and thinking about buying 1000 Drip at that time. I didn’t do it and have regretted the decision ever since. Instead, I lost those funds chasing the latest DeFi craze, OHM forks.

This time around, I don’t want to make the same mistake. So, for these reasons, I am hydrating my wallets. I am focusing on using this bear market as one to grow into a position of strength!

How Drip Team 100 can impact your Drip experience

Let’s discuss compound interest for a second. If you deposited 50 Drip into a wallet today, there’s a good chance if you maintain a healthy hydration schedule, you will be in the top 50% of Drip Team 100. This should equate to 10+ extra Drip over the year via airdrops. Here’s an incredible calculator, and it shows that 10 Drip compounded daily for one year would equate to an additional 315 Drip in your Faucet. Based on today’s pricing, an extra $7700 worth of Drip in your Faucet. How could an extra $7700 worth of Drip impact your future earnings?

This ten extra Drip airdrop could be much more significant as the team grows in size and the Team 100 wallet grows from compounding. When joining Drip Team 100, you are joining a growing colossus!

Key Takeaways

A few months ago, at the peak, 50 Drip would have cost $9650. Today, it is only $1225. The price of admission has gone down by over 80%. The benefit and the narrative remain unchanged, 1% in Drip paid daily until you get a 365% payback.

If you are in DeFi, you know you are taking risks. But doesn’t it make sense to take those risks on a project with a proven track record, a credible developer committed to generating returns, and a community with over 100,000 players in a growing space?

Below are the instructions for joining Drip Team 100. If you take advantage of the balls of kryptonite promotion, please DM me directly to confirm your wallet address and deposit so that I can do the airdrop.

This article isn’t financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. Drip is a highly speculative investment. This piece is strictly my opinion. I am someone who wants to maintain and grow my wealth so that I can provide a good livelihood for my family and myself. Do your own research before making any investments.

How to Join Team 100 and join the experiment

  1. Go to Connect to your Metamask wallet. Be sure to be on the Binance Smart Chain for your network. If you need help adding Binance Smart Chain, How to use Binance Smart Chain on iPhone

2. You can swap your BNB for DRIP on the Swap page. Remember that you need at least 1 DRIP to participate in the Faucet, so you have to buy at least 1.12 DRIP.

3. Go to Faucet. Enter Buddy address: 0x056cE4d8C5632ba34C0572ff387053C37096057e

4. Deposit funds into the Faucet.


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