Are You There Bitcoin? It’s Me, Scott Debevic

I really hope BTC can break $100K next year. So, I wrote Bitcoin a letter hoping it would listen and behave properly.

Scott Debevic
5 min readJun 17


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Dear Bitcoin,

It’s been a while since I’ve written you. And it’s not that I’ve forgotten about you or lost my conviction. On the contrary, I’ve been talking and writing about you frequently. I even named my newborn baby “Toshi” in honor of your creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Toshi looks a bit like a baby Frankenstein and his mom wanted to call him Noah, but I insisted on the name Toshi. I'm sharing his picture here because I thought you might like it.

Baby Toshi in his favorite Bitcoin onesie

It’s been a tough couple of years for us in crypto. And I’m not trying to blame you. I understand that you are volatile and prone to violent swings up and down. But, the thing is, the cost of everything is going up. Well- not everything…you see, your price isn’t going up much. A couple of years ago, you were over $65,000, and now, you’re hovering around $26,000.

I used to enjoy family dinners at the Olive Garden, and now I’m lucky if there’s enough Hamburger Helper to fill me up. My kids might actually have to go to public school next year if you don’t get your act together. I cut down my streaming services from 12 to a measly 4. I couldn’t afford any Logan or Jake Paul pay-per-view specials this year. Do you know how foolish that makes me look? I had to put black Sharpie over my Logan Paul tattoo out of shame.

Cartoon rendering of what my Logan Paul tattoo looks like with Sharpie covering it

You may think my problems are insignificant. After all, you are battling a legacy financial system that represses billions of people. You provide an alternative to the endless money printing and debt-ridden governments and institutions. And you have to deal with charlatans trying to champion you for their gains.

But I’m a human, and I have needs. I have cut down my Starbuck habit from 2 drinks per day to a measly one drink per day. I changed my…



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