$7 Million in Bitcoin rewarded in less than 90 days!! Find out why/how to get your share.

Scott Debevic
5 min readOct 14, 2021

BlockFi released its long-awaited rewards Visa three months ago. In the first 90 days of the program, BlockFi has rewarded credit cardholders with 124 Bitcoin that is currently worth over $7 million at today’s market value.

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I will share my impressions of the card and how you can take advantage of this opportunity and get a sign-up bonus.

Why the BlockFi rewards credit card makes sense

Unlike most rewards cards that provide miles, points, or cash-back, the BlockFi rewards credit card pays its rewards in Bitcoin! This is a credit card (not a debit card) that is currently being offered to people in the US. Even better, you can earn a yield on your rewards through your BlockFi account!

For example, I have used a cash-back American Express card before using the BlockFi rewards card. I would accumulate rewards and then when it got to be a certain amount, I would apply the rewards to a bill. While my rewards were accumulating, they sat in American Express’s coffers and provided me no benefit.

Let’s compare that to the BlockFi Bitcoin rewards card. Each month, I get Bitcoin deposited into my BlockFi account that is automatically earning 4.5% APY in BTC. That’s right. I’m earning rewards and more rewards on my rewards. So I went from earning rewards on a depreciating asset (US dollar) to an asset that has grown an average of 230% per year since its inception.

When you think about it, it’s no wonder that BlockFi has already distributed out so much Bitcoin!

What I like about the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Visa

I use my BlockFi card almost daily. I synced it with my Apple Pay and also set many of my automated payments to the card. I like that there aren’t any gimmicks or special spending categories. I get the same Bitcoin rewards (1.5% in BTC) whether I’m pumping gas, shopping at Target, or eating out at a restaurant.

The all-black card is made of metal, not plastic, and has a very clean look to it. I don’t typically care about these things, but some people want to have an impressive credit card and this fits the bill.

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