5 Convenient Truths You Accept That Aren't As Cut and Dry As You Think

Some narratives we accept because we have no reason to question them. Others, we hold because we've heard them forever. Here are five popular ideas worth challenging.

Scott Debevic
7 min readSep 17, 2022


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Have you ever tried debating a subject with an idiot? It's not a pretty picture. You try conveying your point, word it in different ways, and create metaphors to illustrate your argument; they still can't see your point of view. It's like watching the perfect sunset with someone while they are looking at their phone.

Sometimes, I feel like I am living in a different world from other people. Our views are so different that I play the part of the idiot when they are trying to convey their points. But, in the end, we all want to be correct, and many of us will fall on our swords to protect our egos.

So, in this piece, I want to challenge some of the truths many blindly accept. The goal here is to get you thinking outside the box and open up a dialogue.

False Truth #1: The government prioritizes the environment

Biden's administration's new inflation reduction act re-enacted a federal tax rebate for electric vehicles. On paper, this appears to be a pro-environment agenda. However, when reading the fine print, the tax rebate applies to domestically manufactured EVs with components sourced in the US.

If the goal of EVs and issuing a credit for them is to be environmentally friendly, why is it important where the EVs come from? This is like having an overweight friend and saying, "I want you to lose weight, but I only want you to change your exercise routine." If you genuinely want to help your friend, you will encourage them to exercise and change their diets.

Inconsistencies like this aren't unique to federal anti-competitive measures. I live in Southern California, and public transportation is about as environmentally efficient as air conditioners running in empty movie theaters. But unfortunately, the automobile business is enormous, and tax revenue is more important than sustainable environmental solutions.



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