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The last bull run was all about the Layer 1 wars. Nobody was able to knock Ethereum from its perch. Now we are seeing Layer 2’s and zk rollups extending Ethereum’s lead. Here’s how I’m playing the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem extremely early.

Scott Debevic
7 min readJun 8


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Distortion by Nullish Ordinals sold at a 0.03 BTC floor (around $800) on May 28, when I published 3 Secrets for Ordinal Collectors, 3 Potential Grail Collections, & 3 Hot New Collections. A few days later, on June 1, floor-priced Distortions sold for 0.02 BTC (around $500). And today, less than one week later, the floor price for a Distortion by Nullish Ordinal sells for 0.132 BTC (around $3500).

This illustrates how fast prices can accelerate when the right crowd gets attracted. The projects I will discuss today don’t have a crowd yet. On the contrary, they exist in an ecosystem with few users or platforms. However, I am optimistic this will change and that this ecosystem will scale massively. The projects are on a chain you probably haven’t used yet, Polygon zkEVM.

Here are some of the reasons I want to be early to Polygon zkEVM:

  • Polygon is a crypto powerhouse. They launched DeFi Summer a couple of years ago with their gigantic incentive program. Polygon has invested a lot of time and money in zkEVM, and I’m confident the Polygon team will want to ensure Polygon zkEVM is a success.
  • Based on Arbitrum and Optimism’s success with airdropping to attract users, there is speculation (but no formal announcement) that Polygon may do an airdrop or incentive program to attract users and liquidity to Polygon zkEVM.
  • Competition on Polygon zkEVM is nearly nonexistent. Fewer platforms mean investors have fewer choices about where to put their liquidity.
  • TVL on Polygon zkEVM is a paltry $22.5 million. But this is ten times the TVL from one month ago. Why is so liquidity increasing by 10x? I’m unsure but don’t want to miss the fireworks from its next 10x increase.



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