3 Secrets for Ordinal Collectors, 3 Potential Grail Collections, & 3 Hot New Collections.

Ordinal inscriptions are taking off, and we are still at the beginning stages of this phenomenon. So get in now while it’s still early.

Scott Debevic
10 min readMay 28


Image of Battle of BTC Ordinal

After the Swaprum exit scam, I needed a break from DeFi. Unfortunately, scammers are making DeFi investors rekt left and right. And like many others, I took it on the chin when that team left town with my precious liquidity pools. So, for the past two weeks, I have ventured out of the toxic DeFi waters and immersed myself more in the Ordinals universe.

I’m extremely excited with the progress I’ve seen on the Ordinal front. More adoption, bigger collections, higher floors, and stronger communities are growing daily in this space. And what started as a corner in the Bitcoin world is now growing into an industrial-sized space giving Ethereum NFTs real competition.

Here are a few things I like about the Ordinals opportunity and why I’m embracing it:

  • It’s still extremely early. Ordinals started inscribing in February. However, prices are affordable, and ordinary investors and collectors can still obtain grails.
  • There are no royalties. Developers can’t just create a collection and sit and collect their royalties. They must continue developing and growing their community to cash in on their next project(s).
  • The art is unique and different. It’s not all animal-related or punk-related pieces. Ordinals are writing their own story, which is being written today.
  • The community is filled with excitement, optimism, and camaraderie. People share alpha, give tips, and are open to suggestions in most top projects.

With all this said, I wanted to share a few secrets I’ve picked up and share them with my readers. Also, I want to discuss some low inscription number projects with relatively low floors and three newer projects I’m planning to hold for a long time.

Ordinal Secret #1: Shop around for the best price

Magiceden.io is the biggest Ordinals marketplace, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has the best…



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