$24 Invested in This Memecoin 7 Days Ago Would Be Worth $186,512.33 Today

Don’t miss out on this memecoin to make up for any losses or missed opportunities on all memecoins and meme stocks in the past combined!

Scott Debevic
5 min readMay 7


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If you had invested $0.69 in this memecoin yesterday, it would be worth $420 today. Half of its supply has been sent directly to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet. Next week, a group of the most influential Crypto Twitter shills will change their PFPs to the above symbol. Mike Novogratz has already gotten this symbol tattooed on his neck. Elizabeth Warren heard about this project and finally admitted she was wrong about something.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, do not worry! I’m going to fill you in. And by the end of this week, don’t be surprised if Ethereum gas fees go to $250 to make a single trade. This memecoin alone will onboard 9 billion people into crypto. That’s right. One billion unborn people will get into crypto just from this memecoin alone.

The coin I’m referring to is baby-infinitydogeshibapepepizzahemorrhoid token (INFINITY). This token takes the best attributes of every investment on earth and combines them into a single token with an infinite supply. No more getting mixed up between trillions, quadrillions, or quintillions. Like the US dollar, the supply is uncapped!!

Why is baby-infinitydogeshibapepepizzahemorrhoid (INFINITY) token the best memecoin of all time?

The great thing about INFINITY is the community. The community is everyone in the world except for bad people and billionaires. No rug pullers, scammers, murderers, pedophiles, or Karens are allowed.

INFINITY will sponsor weekly pizza-eating contests, food banks, hackathons, and enrichment programs for economically challenged areas. Community-incentivized events will raise awareness and give INFINITY holders access to exclusive experiences. We’re talking about things everyone dreams about- from lunches with brilliant minds like Bill Gates’ deep fake to…



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