11 Extraordinary Nuggets from the Sharpest Minds in Crypto

Instead of mulling over whether now is the market bottom, if we are in a bull trap, or what shoe is the next to drop, let's explore observations and thoughts from some of the sharpest minds in the crypto space.

Scott Debevic
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I worked with a girl, Melodie, with a gigantic tattoo on her back that looked like an owl on a branch. I asked her the question you probably never want people to ask about your tattoo, "What is your tattoo supposed to be?" She said it was a female warrior on a sword. "Ummm…no, it's not," I wanted to respond, but not being too close to her, I didn't want to insult her.

She was used to hearing the questions because she followed it up with why the tattoo looked so awful. "It was a tattoo my friend in high school gave me for free. I found out afterward that he was high on speed when he gave it to me." That explained the tattoo much better. But, unfortunately, it still looked like the worst tattoo I have ever seen.

The story's moral is that you want to trust the person giving you a tattoo with the task at hand. The last tattoo anyone wants is a jagged owl on a branch across their back for their lifetime.

When gathering, identifying, and interpreting information, it's important to apply some of the same lessons Melodie learned the hard way. In the crypto world, many people sharing information are like the high school friend tattoo artist high on methamphetamines. Similarly, these crypto analysts(?)) share information for free, and sometimes it's more harmful than helpful.

And I am guilty of this too. If I look back over many of my posts about crypto, I wrote about terrible projects that, in hindsight, are crypto versions of Melodie's tattoo.

So, how do we know who to trust? Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly who deserves our trust. However, it can be a good idea to listen to someone who puts their money where their mouth is and has a strong track record in the space.

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