10 Lesser-Known Songs From The 70s To Help You Cope

Bad music, movies, fashion, and inflation make up most of my memories of the 70s. But, of course, I didn't live in the 70s. Nonetheless, here's the ultimate list of lesser-known 70s songs to get acquainted with.

Scott Debevic
5 min readSep 24, 2022


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As the world stares at unrelenting inflation, reconnecting with our history is a good time. The last time we experienced such massive inflation was in the 1970s. But, then, it was a different time when plastic surgery wasn't required, and the microwave was the most innovative device in your house. The 70s gave birth to some of the worst music but also birthed some harmonious gems to whisk away your worries.

But, with my keen sense of taste and sound, I have scraped the vault to find some tracks to help you keep it real and lose your inflationary woes. Regarding my qualifications, I have listened to well over 2000 songs in my life, watched three entire seasons of American Idol, and seen some of the most heralded live musical performances (on TV).

Enough about me. I can talk all day about how I owned the Time Life Music collections they used to advertise late at night. Let's get to what you came here for — the music. I have ordered them in descending order because all annoying top lists do this.

Song #10- You Ought To Be With Me
By Al Green, released in 1973

Why this song is excellent: If you haven't heard it, pull it up on your Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. It's perfect because so many people can relate to the song's message, believing someone belongs with us. Al takes you on a musical journey where his voice compliments the horns, and the beat will transport you away.

Song #9- She's Gone
By Hall & Oates, released in 1973

Why this song is excellent: The biggest hit from their creatively titled "Abandoned Luncheonette" album, She's Gone, embodies how two men can nail a duet. With its lengthy intro and a brilliant saxophone solo, the song builds toward its finale, where falsettos meet harmony, purity, and soul. This song reminds you of that love you lost.



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